Necklace Chain Extender, Chain Extension


Extend your favorite dainty necklace or bracelet with adjustable or non-adjustable chain extender.

Simply attach the chain to the end of your necklace or bracelet

Not suitable for use with heavy chains with large pendants

Adjustable Chain measures 3.4mm in width
Adds length + Large links allow to adjust the length in between

Non-adjustable small links chain measures 1.4mm in width
Adds length, not adjustable in between 





Additional information

Extender Style + Length

1" adjustable gold filled, 1" adjustable ROSE gold filled, 1" adjustable sterling silver, 1" non-adjustable gold-filled, 1" non-adjustable ROSE gold filled, 1" non-adjustable sterling silver, 2" adjustable gold filled, 2" adjustable ROSE gold filled, 2" adjustable sterling silver, 2" non-adjustable gold filled, 2" non-adjustable ROSE gold filled, 2" non-adjustable sterling silver, 3" adjustable gold filled, 3" adjustable ROSE gold filled, 3" adjustable sterling silver, 3" non-adjustable gold filled, 3" non-adjustable ROSE gold filled, 3" non-adjustable sterling silver, 4" adjustable gold filled, 4" adjustable ROSE gold filled, 4" adjustable sterling silver, 4" non-adjustable gold filled, 4" non-adjustable ROSE gold filled, 4" non-adjustable sterling silver