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Jewelry Care

After you have found a piece of jewelry that you love, you need to know how to care for your treasure. Even the best made, highest quality jewelry is delicate and if not handled properly will suffer breakeage and damage. Each of your jewelry pieces should be handled with love and care and they will last you a lifetime.

Put your jewelry on after you have applied make-up, hair products, or perfumes.

Perspiration and oils from our skin are slightly acidic and have corrosive effect on metals and stones that we wear. Make sure to clean your jewelry in mild soapy water before putting away. Gently pat dry using a soft cloth and make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing again. Preserve your pieces by storing them in a zip-lock bag along with attached anti tarnish tab in a cool, humidity free environment.

Sterling silver and Gold Filled will tarnish overtime especially delicate chain necklaces. Salt, acid from your skin and oxygen in air are the two biggest causes of tarnished silver and gold filled. To avoid this, clean your jewelry frequently.

Never place your jewelry in a chemical dip or ionic cleaner.  Do not use solvents or any harsh chemicals.

Metals and gemstones can cut and scratch each other. Never store your jewelry in a pile. Minimize scratches and tarnishing by storing your jewelry in small plastic ziplock bags and in separate compartments in your jewelry box.

Any delicate sterling silver or gold filled jewelry would tarnish especially during hot and humid weather.

This is an excellent method of cleaning sterling silver jewelry;

 you would need;

– small glass bowl
– piece of aluminum foil
– tbsp of baking soda
– few drops of dish soap
– boiling water
– wooden spoon or wooden skewer
– place aluminium foil in the bowl
– add baking soda and dish soap
– put your jewelry inside the bowl (you can put as many pieces as you want, please note do not use this method for any jewelry with stones or pearls)
– poor boiling water over it
– stir all together gently with wooden spoon or skewer 
– after a minute or so you should see the jewelry clean
– take it out and rinse it with water
You can clean the jewelry as often as needed.
Here is a quick youtube video I found with a similar method: